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My choice for best online currency auction.

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ATS Numismatics
Canadian dealer of World Banknotes, Paper Money, Stocks & Bonds, etc. Online price list and some reference info and images.

Coins and Banknotes of the British Mandate of Palestine
The title says it all.

Consumerís Guide To Investing and Collecting U.S. Currency
Some good information on Paper Money Collecting. The incredible thing is that this is from the US Government!

C.S.A. Currency Page
Great website with information and images about CSA notes, bonds, and stamps.

Auction site featuring Coins, Currency and Stock Certificates. I buy and sell here often.

US Paper Money

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    World Paper Money

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    Great Seal of the United States of America
    Great and very detailed information on the Great Seal of the United States which is displayed on the reverse of the $1 note since the series 1935 Silver Certificate. It's obvious that a great amount of research went into this definitive site. Covers historical background, design detail and much more. A must see.

    The Leslie Brock Center for the Study of Colonial Currency
    Gain an insight to America's Colonial Currency. Also has links to Notre Dame's images of these notes.

    Paper Money WWW Directory
    A great directory of Paper Money sites.

    Paper Money FAQ
    Everything you ever wanted to know about Paper Money. Read this and become a Paper Money expert. (Well, almost.)

    The Department of the Treasury

  • FAQs About U. S. Currency
  • U. S. Currency Info
  • BEP Tours
  • Secretaries of the Treasury
  • In God We Trust
  • Robert E. Rubin
  • Distribution of Currency
  • Stock & Bond Links

    A unique collection of books and resources to help you track down information on that old stock certificate. Mining and metal related site.

    Historische Papiere
    A Stock and Bond related site featuring US and European items. Fixed price lists, online auctions, and images. Located in Germany with English translations.

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