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The US Error Note Encyclopedia

If you've ever had an interest in US Paper Money Errors, this is the book to buy. I know I've stumbled across error notes at every coin and currency show I attend and have either been amused or perplexed by the errors. "Now, how did that happen?" "How did that get into circulation?" "How could an error like this be so well circulated?" It's a real switch from other types of collecting. Instead of looking for that perfect note, you now look for a note with the worst error.

The first 70 pages are packed with information:
  • The Definition of an error and why they're collected
  • 30 pages covering the making of our paper money from start through inspection. I've never seen such a thorough job of this process in any other book.
  • Steve shares his steps for searching bank packs of notes for errors. I'll pretty much bet there's a few steps that he mentions that you've never thought of.
  • Sections on grading, pricing, rarity and STAR notes

The remaining 360 pages are filled with information and pictures about the 11 distinct error classes. Each section contains:

  • Rarity
  • Description of the error
  • Description of how the error occured
  • Pricing Considerations
  • Plenty of pictures with example prices

Anyone who collects US small size notes knows what happened shortly after the Standard Guide to Small-Size U.S. Paper Money hit the market. If you bought the book early enough, you could find those rarer notes described in the book for the same price as the common notes. The same applies here. Buy the book and cherrypick those valuable errors before everyone knows what they're really worth!

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