Small Size Error Notes
Type Denom Series Click Here for a Larger Image
SC $1 1935E
Gutter Fold
FRN $1 1974 (F)
Insufficient Ink
3rd Printing
FRN $5 1974 (J)
Back to Front Offset
FRN $1 1977 (K)
Turned Digit
FRN $1 1977
Front to Back Offset
FRN $1 1981 (B)
Third Printing Front to Back Offset
Duplicate Serial Numbers Front and Back
Insufficient Green Ink 3rd Printing
No Black Ink 3rd Printing
FRN $20 1981 (G)
Back to Front Offset
FRN $1 1988 (A)WEB
Solvent Smear
FRN $1 1988A (G)
Overprint on back
FRN $1 1993 (F)
Incomplete Printing
Insufficient Ink
FRN $1 1993 (F)
Inverted Overprint
and Cutting
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