Currency Information
Have You Ever Wondered About a $1 Bill?
Did you ever wonder what all those numbers, symbols, and marks were on a $1 bill? Point and click on the $1 note and your questions will be answered.
Types of U.S. Currency
A brief description of the different types of U.S. Currency.
Ron's Grading Standards
Remember, grading is an art and not a science. I am neither an artist or a scientist, but I have my standards anyway.
Reproductions, Bogus, Fake, and Counterfeit Banknotes
This is a list of known reproductions of CSA, Continental, Colonial, Republic of Texas, and Obsolete Banknotes and their serial numbers. Don't bid on the online auctions until you check this list.
Ron's Paper Money FAQ
My answers to your Frequently Asked Questions.
Books and Periodicals
My suggested reading list for the currency collector. Sometimes it's really difficult to spend your money on a book when your saving for your next note, but knowledge is power in this hobby.
A Brief History of U.S. Paper Money
Learn about the history of U.S. Paper Money from 1690 to the present.
Signature Combinations on U.S. Currency
A list of Register of the Treasury/Secretary of the Treasury and Treasurer of the U.S. combinations appearing on U.S. Currency and their terms in office. Forget the series date, find out when your notes were really printed.
The Society of Paper Money Collectors
Information, articles and more...
Texas Coin and Currency Shows
A schedule of Texas coin and currency shows with reviews.
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