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The most important factor affecting the value of a note is it's condition or grade. On rarer notes, a single grade can vary in price by hundreds of dollars. Although there are specific criteria for each grade, grading must be considered an art and not a science. The whole note must be examined under controlled conditions in order to view all of the subtleties necessary for a proper grade. Every dealer and collector has their own favored method of examining a note which can take several years to develope.

I receive many requests for values, mostly from the informal collector or someone who has happened into the possession of a note. The verbal descriptions provided are typically enough to come within one or two grades of the note's TRUE grade. Thus I can provide a rough estimate of value.

If you are interested in selling your note, I must personally examine the note in order to determine the proper grade and make an accurate offer. Following is my requested procedure for purchasing notes.

  • Contact me with a description of what you have to offer.
  • I will provide a rough estimate, based on your description, of what I would offer for your notes.
  • Package the notes securely and mail the notes to me. (Packing and Mailing instructions will be provided by email.)
  • I will examine the notes and email or phone my offer.
  • If you agree, I will immediately mail payment by money order.
  • If you are not interested, I will immediately return your notes.

If you are concerned, please consider the following.

  • My website has been on the internet for over four and a half years since 10/96.
  • I have been buying and selling notes on the internet since 5/96 with only positive results.
  • I am a member of the Society of Paper Money Collectors and was the first to post SPMC information on the internet.
  • Helped approve the Usenet Newsgroup "rec.collecting.paper-money".
  • Listed at the American Numismatic Associations Website.
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