Paper Money Books
Standard Catalog of United States Paper Money
By Chester L. Krause and Robert F. Lemke
Krause Publications

This is a nice reference book with information and B&W; pictures. There are also sections covering Fractionals, MPC, Encased Postage, Error Notes, and Philippines Currency 1903-1944. My vote for best all around US reference book.

US Error Note Encyclopedia
By Stephen M. Sullivan
Capital Currency Incorporated

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Paper Money of the United States
By Robert Friedberg
The Coin and Currency Institute, Inc.

A classic. This is where the Friedberg numbers come from. Lousy pictures, but great information and a different layout than The Standard Catalog of United States Paper Money. A section on Fractionals and encased postage.

Standard Catalog of National Bank Notes
By Dean Oakes and John Hickman
Krause Publications

"The" book on national bank notes. Lots of information and a huge reference section. Lists Bank Rarity Scale and numbers of notes printed/outstanding and short bank history.

Standard Guide to Small-Size U.S. Paper Money
By Dean Oakes and John Schwartz
Krause Publications

You will need this book to pick those rarities of the future. All about small size notes including numbers printed by block, scarce plate numbers and design differences. Most values are way off, but what else is new.

Comprehensive Catalog of Military Payment Certificates
By Fred Schwan
BNR Press

Everything you ever wanted to know about MPC is in this book, from the history, design, issue and withdrawl. Shows each series and denomination along with prices. Lists all known replacement notes.

U.S. Essay, Proof and Specimen Notes
By Gene Hessler
BNR Press

See the designs of notes as they evolve from original concept to production. Incredible pictures of design elements and notes that might have been. Lots of information and history that you won't find anywhere else. Out of print and may be hard to find.

Standard Catalog of World Paper Money Volume II
By Albert Pick
Krause Publications

One of those "utility" books you're bound to use again and again either to catalog your collection, or to answer questions from the internet. An amazing amount of notes are cataloged in this book.

Paper Money Periodicals
Paper Money
The Society of Paper Money Collectors

A quality publication for members of the SPMC. Great and varied articles, mostly US. The only bad thing about it is that it only comes out every other month. Join the SPMC!

Bank Note Reporter
Krause Publications

Monthly publication with information about US and World paper money and a little about Stocks and Bonds. I couldn't live without this magazine for my monthly paper money fix. A must have.

The Currency Dealer Newsletter
Coin Dealer Newsletter

The infamous "GreenSheet". This is the controversial pricing guide that is supposed to list dealer wholesale prices. Most dealers will tell you that these prices are way too low when they're trying to sell you something, but will offer to buy your notes at greensheet bid prices. If you can buy notes for 10-20% above greensheet bid prices, then it's usually a pretty good deal. You can buy a single issue for $5 which should last you for a while.


Not specifically a paper money magazine, but usually has an article or two about it. It's another great way to quench that paper money craving and yet another thing to look forward to every Friday. You can usually get a great rate at one of the major coin shows.

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