Whether you like it or not, the months from March to April are the busiest times for us Tax Preparers. Even after the 15th of April we can’t help but stay pretty busy for our customers who pay us to do daily book-keeping and hundreds and hundreds of Payroll.  It’s quite a relaxing moment unlike the busy tax season months; however, it’s also kind of busy enough to make that short staycation really short.  If you are a true Bookkeeper, you will definitely be looking forward to a sweet day at the beach knowing that the busy season is only 8 months away.

During a busy tax season, as Tax people, we constantly have to deal with never ending tax returns and scheduling partnerships or S Corporations to start an individual return on a daily basis. This kind of task usually leaves us Tax Preparers in a tight spot because we will have to wait for the partnership’s return due date until the 15th of April is the same with the individual return’s due date so that it would match. By altering the due dates of the returns, it would be easier to clean up the process of preparing and filing the same returns and the same due dates. We wouldn’t be experiencing headaches if our customers would just file for an extension on their returns. But our customers usually think that this will lead to more problems because most people hate extending their returns. Furthermore, the Congress makes it a little bit harder for us to understand the returns.

Okay, let’s not get too over complicated around here folks. Simply put, taxes are just taxes and they can’t do you harm unless you do something really messed up.  If you try your best not to cheat the system, then you’re in good hands. I’m not scaring and stressing you out just because I’m terribly stressed out too. No, there’s no need for you to worry about it at all. Actually, all I want to do at this moment is thank our HVAC maintenance company for doing a great job in making sure that our Air Cooling and heating systems doesn’t bog down especially when it comes to peak busy seasons. Having a well ventilated work place keeps us work in a fast pace, and enables us to keep up with the demands of the hectic Tax Season. I have actually seen days where I experienced hardships when our Heating System in the office screwed up. Thankfully, we we have a reliable heating and repair company to go too. They’re only a call away when you want them to check up your heating system. Checking in for regular maintenance saves you a lot of trouble. And if there is really a need to fix a damaged heating machine, you’ll be surprised at how quickly they are able to get things up and running. This is why I still find it convenient to work despite the busy, stressful tax preparation months.  If you’re interested in how to find them just do an online search, something like this:  “Furnace Repair Spokane” or “Air Conditioning Spokane

Then write their number down for the next emergency.